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Nephrite Jade

Ancient Nephrite Jade Bead


1930's Chinese White Jade Nephrite Carved Carving Plaque Pendant Beast


Antique Chinese Large Nephrite 11mm Jade Bead Necklace


Vintage Chinese White Nephrite Jade Lock Style Pendant


Antique Old Chinese Nephrite Celadon Jade Pendant Netsuke Plaque OLD MAN


Antique Old Chinese Nephrite Celadon Jade Carved Netsuke Pendant Toggle Deer


Old Chinese Nephrite Spinach Green Jade Carved Pendant Netsuke BOYS


Antique Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Pendant Netsuke Butterfly Open Work


1/4 lb Lots Wholesale Bulk Tumbled Stones: Choose Type (Crystal Healing, 4 oz) A


Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Mountain Style Brush Holder Statue NATURAL


Fine Antique Chinese Nephrite Jade Censer and Cover


Vintage Carved Nephrite Jade Stone Bracelet Chinese Dragon Asian Design


Antique Chinese White Nephrite Jade Plaque


10K Yellow Gold Nephrite Jade Pearl Pendant 18 Inch Long Fine Chain Necklace


Antique Chinese Carved Natural Nephrite HeTian Jade Pendant dragon


Fine Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Pendant Netsuke Toggle FAIRY BOY




Large Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Carved Statue MAGPIE ON PLUM BLOSSOM


Old Chinese Spinach Green Nephrite Jade Carved Auspicious Lion Statue Toggle


Nephrite Jade Rough


Green Nephrite Jade Bead Necklace 17" - Sterling Silver Gold Plated 6.4mm


Antique Chinese Nephrite Jade disc Pendant


Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Hetian Two Sheep Jade Pendant


"J S JADE Jadeite California Rough Clear Creek Not nephrite agate jasper


Black Nephrite Jade? Serpentine? Gorgeous, Dense, Tough Carving, Cabbing Stone!


14k Yellow Gold Nephrite Jade Ball Drop Earrings


Vintage Natural Carved Nephrite Green Jade Gemstone Amulet Pendants Various


Chinese Natural bright green jade nephrite hand-carved spiral jade pendant


2" NEPHRITE JADE Gemstone Sphere Ball w/ Stand - Afghanistan - 53mm


Chinese Hand Carved 100 Natural Nephrite yellow Jade Goldfish Pendant Necklace


Natural Yellow Nephrite Jade Round 13mm Beads with Pixiu and Stretchy Bracelet


Chinese Antique Celadon Nephrite Heitian -jade Bangle -Hollow PhoeniBracelets5


Chinese Antique Celadon Nephrite GRADE-A-Jade Statues pendants bracelet FISH1


12 Nephrite Jade Cross With Gold Tone Accent Pendants


New Zealand ~ NEPHRITE JADE PENDANT ~ HandCrafted ~ 14kt GF


Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Brush Washer WRAP-UP LOTUS LEAF w/ FAIRY BOY


NEW Green Jade Bead Necklace Nephrite Jadeite Fine Jewelry USA Seller Value $300


Natural Yellow Nephrite Jade Pixiu on Handmade Adjustable Woven Bracelet


beautiful natural nephrite white jade stone pebble 21 grams