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African Sword

Antique African spear Madagascar RARE LOOK n knife sword dagger




Antique African Zulu Shona assegai spear 19th patina NICE n shield knife/sword


Antique Hand Carved Ebony Wood Unusual Decorative African Sword


Authentic African Short Sword


Antique African Chad Tubu Daza Tebu spear barbed mean head n knife sword LOOK


Antique NICE African Ngandi Saka Yela knife dagger n sword LOOK


Kuba Iron Sword Curved Blade Currency Congo African 31 Inch


Kuba Forged Sword Serrated Iron Currency Congo African Art


Antique African sickle sword


Kuba Sword Curved Iron Blade Congo African Art


Antique African Lance Spear Mahdi Sudan Leaf Sword Blade


Antique African Metal Short Sword – Gabon, Cameroon


Antique African Sickle Sword


Old African Metal large Sword wood & iron handle – Gabon, Cameroon, unusual form


Antique African Throwing Knife Vintage Sword Weapon


Antique African Sword Congo Shi Long Dagger-Knife Zimbabwe’s


African Art Tikar Cameroon Embossed Leather Scabbard And Wood Hilt Sword


Antique African Knife Dagger Sword Beja Hadendoa


Antique African Azande Sword Curved Sabre


Antique East African Maasai Herders Sword - Ol Alem Kenya Knife




Antique old African CONGO SWORD KNIFE  Egyptian? KONDA kongo kuba unique


Kuba Iron Sword Curved Blade Congo African Art SALE WAS $210


African Knife Congo Kuba African Ceremonial Knife Sword


Spear Sword Namchi Namji Fertility Doll Beaded Cameroon African Art Rare


Kuba Sword Curved Blade Iron Currency Congo African Art 33 Inch


Kuba Sword Iron Blade Currency Congo African Art 32 Inch


Rare Vintage African Wooden Sword - Estate Find


Antique Primitive African Animal Skin Hide Tribal Africa Sword Knife Machete


Kuba Sword Iron Blade Currency Congo African Art 26 Inch


Sword and Dagger knife with sheath old Africa Congo 24"long untouched


Antique African hand beaded sword


African Gold Weight Ashanti Tribal Warrior Sword Machete WAR CRY


African Sword and Dagger in Leather from Senegal 28" long (EXCELLENT CONDITION)


Kuba Sword Iron Blade Currency Congo African Art 29 Inch


Congo Sword Sabre Dagger Leather Sheath Scabbard African Tribal Art


Antique African Mongo Tribe Central African Saka Short Sword / Ax #7


Vtg Tuareg/North Africa Sword W/ Leather Sheath And Leather Quiver w/ 3 Arrows


Kuba Sword Forged Iron Blade Currency Congo Africa 30 Inch


Manding Sword Dagger knife Touareg old Africa


Antique African Sword/Knife with Scabbard---Benja Hadendoa ??--Old PIece